Sheffield United vs Manchester United | 3 Things We Learned.

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Back five only works when you have the personnel.


A back five formation can either be attacking or quite defensive depending on how you want to go about the match. After all we had played this before against Liverpool to neutralize Trent and Robertson. In this case, for Manchester United, Solskjaer deployed the five at the back with Jones, Maguire and Lindeloff as the middle three with the young Brandon Williams and Wan Bissaka as fullbacks.

It therefore came as a massive shock to me when we could neither string together passes, find our strikers nor defend our final third to save our lives. We were being skinned alive.

Manchester United looked horribly lethargic, an unusual misunderstanding of their roles on the pitch and most of all the formation they had been asked to deploy against a high flying Sheffield United.

That was ultimately down to three players. Perreira in a holding role in midfield, Williams who looked out of place in the formation and Phil Jones, a calamitous player regardless of the formation.

It was ultimately quite clear for all to see just how much of a difference McTominay has made since the season begun and the value of a fit Marcos Rojo who most fans, including myself, had dismissed as a brute.

Andreas Perreira is a bench player at best for Manchester United.


It is not everyday you lose faith and confidence in a player molded by the club's academy. I remember Danny Welbeck, once a fantastic prospect scoring in the 8-2 demolition of Arsenal a couple of years ago only to be sold to the aforementioned club. He was so bad that we sold him to a direct rival.

During his time at Arsenal he slowly grew out of favor and if memory serves, let go on a free as the club negated on offering him a new deal.

Andreas perhaps is not bound to walk a similar path as the ill-fated Welbeck. What he offers is plenty of skill on the ball and incredible ability on dead balls especially free-kicks. However, on the other hand, his game awareness, passing and intelligence comes into question when he is always making the wrong decisions especially in the vital number 10 role that is crying out for Pogba to return from injury.

So bad were his contributions today away to Sheffield that he was taken off and Fred was left virtually on his own in the middle of the park since Lingard was spending much of his time in the attacking third with the rest of the forwards.

Surely Solskjaer has been seeing the horrendous performances but when you have a thread bare squad you don't have the luxury to bin players on the off. He can either leave the club or come off the bench and play in cup competitions.

Awful player.

It is bloody Phil Jones again!


A couple minutes before the game kicked of I pulled my phone out of my pocket and opened my sports app to see the team lineup.

"5 at the back? Fantastic! At least Solskjaer is not taking this game for granted." I thought.

"Wait! Is that Calamity Jones in the three?"

I could not believe what I was seeing. This man is like a Phoenix. He has died a thousand deaths on the United pitch but somehow Smalling, the better of the chuckle brothers, is currently reviving his career at Roma while this monstrosity of a player is stealing a living at the club.

Impossible to actually believe that any manager would look at him, Phil Jones, and think he is a good defender.

One ball over the top for Mousset, Phill Jones has a head start and instead of kicking the ball out or pass it on the bounce to De Gea, the man gets shoulder barged out of the way like a rag doll toppling over and calling for a free kick as Mousset casually passed the ball to his supporting team mates for a scrappy goal.

To make matters worse, prior to the ball being kicked over him, all the other defenders were playing the offside trap while he was a full ten yards back keeping Mousset onside.

The man should never wear the Manchester United kit ever again. I repeat. Phil Jones should never play for this club every again even if all the defenders were injured. Play the ball boys instead.


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I was watching the game as well and have never been convinced by perriera in by match i've seen. He is just not strong enough as a player to hold the united midfield. A position that has been led by the likes of cantona, keane, scholes even pogba. World class players which you need to control a game and set the standard. Maybe beside one of these guys he could shine but we need some quality international players for a team like united. People who will drive on the team and set the standard for the rest of the guys.


You know, you hit the nail right on the head when you said Andreas is not strong. He gets shoved off the ball so many time and it baffles me why that is because he is such an aggressive tackler. Unfortunately even with quality players around him I don't think you would see much because what he is meant to excel at is the creative force of the team like a Pogba or Eriksen. The man who makes the incisive passes. But even in that he fails massively, his biggest weakness being that he lacks vision and a football brain.

We do need those quality players though. We are dying for a quality midfield that doesn't get devastated anytime we have an injury.

Haha 😂Phil Jones! Just when United fans think it’s safe he pops back up in your team!

His defending for the first goal was woeful. A very frustrating performance if you are a United fan but a great game for a neutral like me!


I can't even begin to try and understand how Phil Jones is still at the club. He has survived Sir Alex, Moyes, Giggs, Van Gal, Mourinho and he may yet outlive Solksjaer. What does he have on Manchester United to warrant such loyalty to a dead footballer?

God help us all.

It was a good game though. Out of it for a majority of the game, then the kids brought us back only for it to be snatched from us at the end. 😔😔

very nice explanation to the strategy of back five formation. But it is mainly for defensive approach i think.


You will remember how attacking Chelsea were under conte with this formation. If your fullbacks are attack minded this formation helps to pin the opposing wingers back.