T'was A Bad Ebening | Unai Emery Sacked!

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I would have started by asking, who would have thought this was going to happen but the answer is likely to be everybody.

In all my years watching football I have never seen a manager of a high profile club more deserving of the sack than Unai Emery.

The unfortunate man was besieged from all sides like a baby gazelle in the wild.

The players clearly wanted him out. The pundits were at his throat chocking the life out of him. Former players were quick to demand his sacking. The fans even boycotted a Europa League match in protest of the manager.

During his time as head coach of Arsenal there are two defining events that I feel shifted the scale against Unai Emery.

1. The Mesut Ozil Situation.


As much as people would love to place the whole weight of this event on Emery's shoulders, a lot of the blame must fall on Ozil's plate as well. However, as the manager of the football club, Unai Emery failed miserably in handling this situation.

On one occasion Emery suggested that Ozil was injured and therefore could not feature for the team. Another time he mentioned that Ozil was back in training but he was not fit enough to start. He later admitted that he did not want to play Ozil because he did not like him as a player and what he offered to the team.

It did not help matters that he was Arsenal's most creative player and the club was suffering from a lack of creativity in matches.

Then as some of the fickle Arsenal fans shifted from blaming Ozil for his non-existent performances to demanding his return, Unai Emery as per character collapsed under the pressure and brought him out of the cold.

Fans will not willingly admit it but Ozil has done very little since his return except for that memorable and spectacular back-heel assist against Liverpool's kids that ended in a 5-5 draw.

2. The Xhaka Meltdown


This was by far the defining moment of Unai Emery's managerial career at Arsenal in what was a culmination of years and years of broken promises, anger and mediocrity and the fans could not take it any longer.

The boo's and abuse rolled off the stands in one synchronized wave at an unimpressed Xhaka who then proceeded to send it back in kind terminating his short captaincy in the process.

But what followed from the manager after those events was cowardly. Emery did not hesitate to throw his captain under the bus to insulate himself from the outraged that spewed from the fans from social media and the stands.

Unai did not even attempt to back his player and condemn the inappropriate and disgusting hate messages on social media towards Xhaka and his family, not even the disgraceful boo's from the stands.

  • Certain fans would like to make it seem like it was because he was taking too long to come off but we know that was not the case.

It can only be seen as Karma when Xhaka played in the squad that finally got Unai Emery the sack in the 2-1 loss to Frankfurt.

Final Thoughts

Unai Emery deservedly got the sack, but the ills in the squad and the fractures between the fans and their club still persists much so like Manchester United.

I draw the parallels between the clubs because both have incompetent boards, horrible squads although United have it worse in this department, and some might add (had) bad managers but I would argue otherwise regarding Solskjaer.

Even as former Arsenal midfielder, Freddie Ljungberg, takes over in the interim I don't see an upturn in fortunes, not even that new manager jump-start.

Yes, the might beat Norwich but I don't see them beating Brighton.

The squad simply isn't good enough. The investment simply isn't good enough. Certain individual players aren't good enough.

Arsenal fans may finally have a 'Good Ebening' at the pubs tonight celebrating the end of Unai Emery's disastrous reign but mark my words, the bad ebenings are not too far behind. Maybe as soon as Norwich.



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Yes he did deserve the sack but the problems at Arsenal extend much further than Emery from power struggles in the board room to a group of players who don’t really seem to have any connection to the club and its fans.

I think you’re right things might get worse before they get better



😁😁 Bring back Wenger!

There is nothing like tuning into twitter or fan tv after a disastrous Arsenal performance. It is wondeful catharsis watching the meltdowns.

Yup, you're right about so many things but I figured you would mention how awful the fans have been, particularly on social media. There was and still is widespread negativity amongst the fan base and constant back and forth, whining over everything because of lofty expectations.

You also didn't mention the tactics or lack of tactics and cohesion in the team. The game against Frankfurt was terrible to watch and I'd have drunk myself to stupour if that small club called United hadn't lost to the almighty Astana. Arsenal has been terrible to watch and the manager did nothing to fix the mood. I don't like seeing a man lose his job but for the sake of progress, it was the right thing to do. Followed you and great post


Much appreciated.

As for the fans, I did touch a little bit on it but I thought it would be a bit too much to get into. I actually consider the toxicity in the fan base on social media has influenced most of the ordinary match going fans. No manager at Arsenal really gets any time. I imagine Freddie's 'legend' card will lose its value quite quickly once the loses start piling up.

As for the poor tactics and formations, I figured that would make for a different post all together to keep this post short. I will wait till Arsenal's next match so that I can compare Freddie's game to Emery's.

And btw, Manchested United fielded an entire Academy team of under 23's with the exception of Lingard and Grant in what was essentially a dead rubber game. 😂😂😂 Arsenal fans are just clutching on straws now.. 😁😁😁

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