The Emery Interview | What Arsenal Must Do To Get Better.

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Like an incurable disease,the lack of success has festered at Arsenal over more than a decade, under three different managers.

It all started under Wenger.

A fantastic manager who was responsible for revolutionizing English football, the cherry on top of the cake being the Invincibles. Unlike his counterpart Sir Alex Ferguson, he probably overstayed his welcome at the club and he watched as the fans turned against him year after year until it was too unbearable.

Following his departure, Unai Emery came through the gates at the Emirates and their was a genuine expectation of success. There was a bit of that until, using Emery's words, they swam to the shore and died on the beach.

Shortly after Freddie Ljungberg got a shot in the hot seat for a period of time that was possibly the worst interim managerial appointment for as long as I have been watching football.

It did not take long before Mikel Arteta was brought in to salvage a sinking ship and indeed there has been some change but undoubtedly there has been a lot of the same over that period as well.

Poor defense, impotent attack and spineless nature to the entire team. When the team was under the cosh, especially in the final minutes of the London derby, you could feel a second goal was coming.

The way the center backs backed off from Abraham, how Willian was able to scamper to the by-line and slot a cross to Abraham was just everything wrong about Arsenal.

But, How Can They Get Better?

Based on the rumors and what has already been verified 90%, Xhaka is gone. Another captain who is forcing a move to Hertha Berlin in January with his agent confirming as much.

"Look, I will say it frankly and honestly, we are in agreement with Hertha BSC and would like to go to Berlin.
We have told Arsenal's club boss Raul Sanllehi and sporting director Edu Gaspar, as well as the new coach Mikel Arteta.
Arsenal was informed about all the steps, the player and Hertha are clear. It is only about the transfer fee of the clubs."

Another is Aubameyang who seems to have had enough of mediocrity and is looking to move on to Real Madrid, which based on the rumors, is something that is likely to happen this January window. Aubameyang is the current club captain and that is just comical in itself.

Is the Arsenal captaincy cursed?

The other is Lacazette who has been at the club longer that Aubameyang and there is no doubt that he has had the worst time at Arsenal than the latter. It is even worse now that his game time has been reduced due to poor form.

So, how do Arsenal force a turn of fortune?

The have to say goodbye to their golden boot winner Aubameyang.

At first this might seem ridiculous. Why would you sell your top scorer?

It is obvious really. Aubameyang is a one trick pony. He is not the type of player you expect to be the difference maker despite being one of the big reasons Arsenal are not even lower in the league.

Not only is that the case but because of his stature, managers are always trying to shoehorn him and Lacazette into the same squad.

Lacazette is the more dynamic forward and all he needs is a proper left wide man, a much improved Pepe on the right and Ozil or an upgrade to Ozil in the creative role.

Finally, as impossible as the task may be in the short term the entire defensive line needs an upgrade. At the very least two experienced center backs from within the league to shore up the defensive line.

The question is, is Mikel Arteta the one to do this?

He might as well be the one to succeed where others have failed because he has the goodwill of the fans.

The fans seem to be riding a wave of false positivist but that might change as soon as tomorrow against Manchester United or United could compound the misery. It could go either way really.

Just like periods these season where Ole has been under-fire, at least on Twitter, there will come a time when the results are so bad that even the overly positive fan will turn.

The transitional phase is not kind especially to an inexperienced manager. Especially when that manager is not backed sufficiently which is what Arteta is facing at Arsenal.

Arsenal fans, do you think Arteta is going to change the club's fortunes?


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Xhaka is going and I'm gutted to see him leave but Auba and Laca's moves are baseless. There's no single evidence that points at that and if you saw our last three games, you'd have seen how clearly he wanted to make it to the fans that loves it here. Both strikers play with passion and always give their all in every game.

There's no "curse" at Arsenal and the captaincy bit is just blown out of proportion, like everything that connects to arsenal. We are going through a rough patch like United have been going through the past few years and are trying to steady ship.

In the past decade, we've managed three fa cups and came close to winning the europa league twice. No big feats but still counts for something. Thisngs will get worse before they get better and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.


Are you sure there is no curse?
Patrick Vieira. Thierry Henry. Cesc Fabregas. Van Persie to United. Mikel Arteta himself. Per Mertesacker when he was dead on his feet. Kocielny to Bordeaux after refusing to play. Xhaka to Berlin. They are now trying to keep Auba by giving him the captaincy.

I would be worried with an unfortunate streak like that. There may be no evidence but these are players who are in their late twenties and the other in his thirties.

Three seasons without champions league and a possible fourth will probably have their heads turning.


Out of the list, only Koscielny refused to play and forced a move.

Henry, Van Persie, Viera and Fabregas were sold to generate funds. Arteta was already old and retired after Arsenal, so was Per who also retired after Arsenal and moved to coaching staff If there was bad blood, do you think Arteta would be managing us?.
There's no streak.


That is what I meant. It is like your Captains don't seem to stay as long.

Btw congratulations on battering us. One of those days I am glad I am in the middle of nowhere for new years and I couldn't watch the game.