The Incomprehensible Happens | Pochetino Sacked by Spurs!

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In a cruel twist of fate, one of the most lovable coach in world football has seen himself axed from a position he has served for at least 5 years at Tottenham.

In one of my previous publications, The Curse of Being at the Wheel: Sack Race Top 3, I had Pochettino in my honorable mentions of managers to get the sack before the end of the season.

Pochettino - It looks like he has taken Spurs as far as he could. The players are no longer responding to him and other players are rocking the boat looking for a way out by not signing new deals. Fortunately, the media have largely avoiding pilling on the pressure since the better, more profitable story is at Manchester United.

Article ~ The Curse of Being at the Wheel: Sack Race Top 3

I couldn't have fathomed that it would actually happen but my word, it has. I would have thought Emeri and Solskjaer would have been facing the sack way ahead of Poch.

It is a complete farce that it has come to this over at Spurs. The manager has overseen one of the longest successful periods albeit without the accompanying silverware but successful nonetheless. Not only did he mount a title challenge in the season Leicester won the league but he came so close to winning the Champions League despite a modest squad of players he spent all his energies improving.

How can Daniel Levy justify this sacking?

Not only has he failed to listen to the manager when he asked for signings and when he told him to sell players last summer, he went ahead and tunnel visioned on the financial bottom line. Levynomics were in full throttle.

What is eerie about the current situation is that it is so similar to what has been happening at Manchester United.

For one, you have a non-football man making all the football decisions. Two, the non-football man is only looking at balancing the books rather than what is good for the overall health of the club. Three, last but not least, the non-football man has mishandled the contracts of most of the players under his stewardship.

It utterly disgusts me what football is slowly evolving into. It is becoming less of what happens on the pitch and more about the board room activities and profiteering from the supporters without whom they would have nothing. No gate fees, no sponsors, no atmosphere and no football league.

I can only express my dissatisfaction and my sympathies to Spurs supporters who can actually see that the problem was not in fact Pochettino rather the Chairman Daniel Levy - the cancer eating into the heart of what was becoming a big club now comprehensively destined to the cruel path that clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal due to a rudderless vision.

Pochettino was the rudder on the Spurs ship sailing not against the tide but against the anchor, Daniel Levy, latching on the rocky sea bed and ripping up the deck.



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