I made a new account (@direwolf.sports) for curation and bought 4000 SPORTS


I'm following in the footsteps of many Steemians here and have created a new account @direwolf.sports to curate sportstalksocial posts without draining my voting power on my main account.

I also bought 4000 SPORTS tokens and staked them. A small step but it's a start. I hope to make a lot more through posting.

This tribe was an excellent idea. Thanks to the Steemians that started this.

Here's a nice muay thai KO to make the post a little more colorful...

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Hey @direwolf, this sounds like a good idea.

I’m curious though, how does sportstalk work - is it a steemengine token and does it have its own frontend like PAL?

The reason I ask is because my dad is a huge sports geek.
I think I could present something like this to him to blog about sports pieces and stats (which I know he would love and be good at) without overcomplicating things with the crypto aspect.
I think might like the community aspect and having an audience.

Is there anything else I should know about sportstalk?

Cheers and sorry for the pop quiz!

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Yes, the frontend is the same...https://www.sportstalksocial.com

You log in with steemit keys and posts get paid out in SPORT tokens which trade on steem engine.

And the payouts are amazing. Go check the page. A post rewarded with 5000 SPORTS is worth 10+ STEEM.


Wow this is fantastic info!
So glad it’s got a front end.

I think could be something my Dad could really get in to :)

Thank you @direwolf!

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You're welcome.