Sarri defends Can & Mandzukic snubs in Juventus' Champions League squad

2년 전


Maurizo Sarri, the man in charge of the Bianconeri has defended his choice to leave two experienced stars, Emre Can and Mario Mandzukic out of his plans for a European campaign, he says it was necessary to leave them out of Juventus Champions League squad.

The group stage of the Italian champions begins next week with a trip to Atletico Madrid but both were surprisingly omitted.

Can admits to being flabbergasted and angry at the selection and still don't understand why he was overlooked.

Sarri reveals that it was not easy or pleasing making the choices but deemed it necessary to do so.

Asked if he expected the reaction from Can, Sarri said: "It's normal that when a player suffers from a strong and impactful choice that there's an emotional aspect involved.
We must give him the opportunity to let out how he is feeling. I'm of the right age to understand these kinds of reactions."


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