My 82-0 Squad and A Sure Championship Caliber Team

3년 전

Not one team in the NBA has able to make 82 wins and 0 losses in a regular season. The Golden State Warriors holds the record for having the most wins in a season with 73-9 record beating the Bulls 72-10 record.

If I were to build a team that can go 82-0, I would prefer choosing players from one of the franchise that has many championships- The Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers had a lot of legends who had contributed to win championships. Players like Magic Johnson, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Shaquille O'nea, Kobe Bryant, Wilt Chamberlain and more have become NBA legends.

If I were to choose players from those Lakers legend, my team would be composed of Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kareem Abdul Jabaar and Shaquille O'neal. We know that Lebron has not brought a championshil for LA yet but Im pretty sure that Lebron will become a legend because of his career.

I think this team could go 82-0 in a season if all were in their prime and has teamed up together. Those 5 players have been dominant in the NBA. With a playmaker like Magic, it would be easy to score for scorers like Lebron and Kobe. With bigmans Kareem and Shaq, a threat in the offense just got bigger with those two being dominant inside the paint. And in terms of defense, all of them can make any team hard to score. And I think, this team can win many championships as well since they were able to do it even when teamed up with only one or two star and legend players.

This is just my opinion of a team that can go 82-0. Maybe, another team might also stop my team if composed of legendary players. Perhaps, team like its rival, Boston Celtics,mighg even do it since that franchise has also a lot of legendary players.

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