My PIcks for Saturday's Bellator MMA


Current ROI is negative: -19.37% (awful)
MMA record keeping started on: Mar 2, 2019
Total units risked so far (always flat 1 unit): 36
Total units won or loss so far: -6.972 units
Current record and negative ROI: (20-16), -19.37%

Yes, my record is pretty bad at -19.37% ROI. I've got a long road ahead of me if I want to reach break even again. Here are some picks that I hope will get me closer to that goal...

Tywan Claxton (2.02) vs Emmanuel Sanchez (1.854)

Sanchez might have faced higher ranked opponents in his career but Claxton is the better athlete IMO. Sometimes that's enough. Being the stronger more athletic fighter should allow Claxton to spam takedowns against Sanchez or light him on the feet towards a decision win.

My pick is the Tywan Claxton moneyline.

Derek Campos (2.83) vs Daniel Straus (1.460)

Classic striker vs wrestler match. Unless Straus has completely lost it, I think he should be able to use his wrestling and pressure to at least take a decision win over Campos. A finish isn't out of the question but unlikely though.

My pick is the Daniel Straus moneyline.

Cheick Kongo (4.65) vs Ryan Bader (1.205)

Kongo is one of the oldest fighters still fighting but he's still got pop in his hands and decent wrestling. Bader is the better fighter overall with good standup and better wrestling. He's also Bellator's double champ holding both the light heavyweight and heavyweight belts. This fight though is 5 rounds and if Kongo can land a lucky punch here and there, an unlikely upset TKO is possible. This pick is basically a value bet based on the odds. I think Kongo should be an underdog but just not at 4.65 odds.

My pick is the Cheick Kongo moneyline.

These fights will start in about 3 to 4 hours.

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