Results of my UFC Picks on Saturday


Current ROI is negative: -19.37% (awful)
MMA record keeping started on: Mar 2, 2019
Total units risked so far (always flat 1 unit): 36
Total units won or loss so far: -6.972 units
Current record and negative ROI: (20-16), -19.37%

Here's a recap of how my picks went:

Khabib Nurmagomedov (1.234) vs Dustin Poirier (4.400)
Poirier has excellent stand up and knock out power but Khabib's wrestling is too dominant. Everyone knows what Khabib will do and yet no one has been able to stop him from doing it. I don't think Poirier will be the one to solve him. My guess is that Khabib either submits Poirier or gets a decision win.
My pick is the Khabib Nurmagomedov moneyline.

I was right about this fight and it went pretty much like I thought. Khabib softened up Poirier over the first 2 rounds with takedowns and ground and pound before finishing off Poirier with a RNC in the 3rd round.

Paul Felder (2.250) vs Edson Barboza (1.709)
More than 4 years later Felder and Barboza will rematch. I'm expect another stand-up war, closer than the first fight but the result to be similar. Barboza's standup is still just slightly better. Barboza wins via unanimous or split decision again.
My pick is the Edson Barboza moneyline.

Add another annoying loss for me as I thought I had won this fight with Barboza taking the first 2 rounds but the judges disagreed and gave the fight via split decision to Felder.

*In summary, my record got worse yet again because of that bad loss on the Barboza pick.

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So sorry about your loss.