Sports below 0.001 Steem - Opportuniy to Stake More

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Hello Everybody,

Sports Is currently being traded at about 0.00081
It is your chance to stake and have More staked sports
This is the chance to have more influencing power

we can calculate it together
1 week ago sports was being trades at about 0.0013 steem
If you want to stake about 1M Sports you have to pay 1300 steem

Now with the the price is down you have to pay only 800 steem

you save about 500 steem

It is a very good chance to have more sports users
And more influencing power

Why The Price of sports is being down?

In my point of view, I think there is a balance between the price of steem to usd
and the price of sports to steem
when the price of steem got higher
sports price gets slightly down

Because some sports holder want to benefit from increasing steem price
and want to converts sports to steem
So the movement of selling increasing at this time

So remember My recommendation at the beginning of the post

It is the best time to buy sports and stake them

Thank YOU

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The price went down because I put on a sell order for about 3M SPORTS for a minimum of 0.000001 filling almost all buy orders :D - Yes that was a mistake :D


As I said. It was a mistake.


wow thats pain :)


Show proof of that!

Unless the price of SPORTS goes down even more. 😁

Seriously, long term projects are great to load up on pullbacks. Anyone who believes in Sportstalk can use this to power up big time.

I do stake all my payout back brvause i believe much in sport


faith moves mountains <3

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Lets start staking :)

is it going lower? thought it had been higher than that, but you're right time to get more when low

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