A woman gave international cricket training to poor children

7개월 전

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In Ahmedabad city of Gujarat state of India, a woman is giving complete training to some poor children. There are many of these children who have a great passion for cricket and to fulfill their passion, this lady is giving her all the information about bowling.

Yes friends, for the past 5 years, this popular woman named Jigna Gajjar has been working hard with genuine passion behind these children. Not only this, Jigna Ghazar has made the children happy by giving many gifts for these children with T-shirt shoes hat, Wagaira JC.
Photo Source

Jigna Gajar has encouraged every woman by reaching the World Cup final of cricket team, many such women of India are trying to move themselves towards success by seeing Jigna Gajjar.

When the media people asked the children who learned cricket through Jigna Ghazar, then the children told that we are being taught all the principles of this cricket game for free, which we had never seen, we are taught how to play this game. Are.

Friends, who cares about others, God always succeeds them, the living proof of this is Jigna Gajjar before our eyes.

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