After all, why did a cricketer commit suicide ..?

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Friends, we hear every day that someone commits suicide due to some problems and sadness, yes friends but the shock comes when some well-known popular celebrities commit suicide. It is a matter of great sadness and regret for the fans of cricketers, by the way, friends, it is very sad for all of us that when a player of our country is not so well-educated and intelligent, he does not face difficulties. And commits suicide.
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Friends, why did our India cricketer VB Chandrasekhar commit suicide. After all, what saddened him that he was forced to commit suicide.

The media persons met the wife of former Indian selector VB Chandrasekhar when the reason for the suicide of VB Chandrasekhar was revealed. His wife told, K Chandrasekhar returned to his house after drinking tea at 6:00 in the evening and went to his room. It was a long time, yet when he did not get out of the room, when I looked through the window, he was hanging on the fan with a rope. On seeing this, the ground slipped from my foot and I started trembling, then the whole matter was told by the wife of Vb Chandrasekhar to the media.

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VB Chandrasekhar has played 7 ODIs for the Indian team. His track would always remain above 100, he was counted among the openers, he was called a very dangerous batsman of his time.

Chandrasekhar was the owner of the Vivi Kachin Veeraj team in premium live in Tamil Nadu and in the meantime, he was in a lot of trouble about this team and because of this he was in a lot of loss and because of this he lived in a very tension and he committed suicide. .

Then due to this tension, he finally committed suicide.

Friends, if you want to pay tribute to VV Chandrasekhar, then always learn to face the difficulties and advise everyone to face the difficulties

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