The hobby of cricket made this Indian woman famous all over the world.

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Friends, there are many women in this world who have achieved success with their hard work and their passion. Whether she is poor or rich, any type of woman, but when she does any work in life with a sincere heart, she gets success.

Come, friends, let us introduce one such ladybird woman whose name is. "Jhulan goswami"
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Jhulan was the tallest girl in her area, if she walked on the road, people would definitely look back. Jhulan had a great interest in cricket since childhood, in the small town cycle of Nadia district of West Bengal. The father who worked in Air India was not interested at all, although he never stopped his daughter from playing cricket. But Jhulan's mother did not like her daughter bowling in the street with the boys.

Jhulan used to play on the road with boys in his childhood, bowling very slowly these days, so boys used to easily hit fours and sixes on their games, many times they were made fun of. The boys of the team used to tease him. Jhulan, you have to stay, if you throw the ball, then our team will lose, one day it got to their heart. Then Jhulan decided that now I will show as a fast bowler. Learned the tricks of fast bowling and started defeating the boys with fast bowling, then this enthusiasm soon became a topic of discussion and it reached his father, he questioned Jhulan. Yes, I want to be a cricketer. His father did not like this thing, but for the happiness of his daughter, he understood his heart, after a lot of hard work, Jhulan got a great opportunity, then this opportunity changed his life. Today Jhulan's talent knows the whole world .
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From this story of Jhulan, we get to learn that a woman can grow more than a man if she wants. Similarly, there are many women in the world who have illuminated the name of their home family and their country.

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