Uproar in 2019 World Cup due to a badge

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Every successful celebrity person has had to face controversy somewhere, somewhere. But some controversies make them even more popular.

This match of World Cup South Africa, 2019, made the popular Mahendra Singh Dhoni even more popular.
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Dear to everyone and dear to everyone Former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has also had to go through controversies. During the match played by South Africa in the World Cup, Mahendra Singh Dhoni was wearing a glove. There was a big uproar about that.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni had a logo on this glove, which was the sacrificial logo of the army. Which had become the subject of much discussion. By asking Mahendra Singh Dhoni to remove this logo from his glove. The ICC gave a big shock to Mahi. When the ICC appealed to the BCCI to remove this logo from Mahendra Singh Dhoni from his glove, on hearing this, all the sports world and Mahi stood up in support of him. Not only this but the BCCI's C.O.A. Chief Vinod Rai also supported Dhoni and said that we are with our players. Rai said that the mark is on his gloves. He is not religious or commercial. And we have already written a letter of permission to the ICC to wear sacrifice gloves. The BCCI will have a meeting at the headquarters in Mumbai at 12:00 pm. In which it can be discussed. And Rajesh Shukla said that Dhoni has done nothing wrong. I CC governs only for commercial endorsement.
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The BCCI has done well by writing an ICC letter on it. No ICC rules have violated this.

From this article, we get the message that in any area, by violating the rules, if any action is done carefully, the dispute can also lead to our success.

Friends if we are right in our place. So the whole world can fight for us.

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