Chiefs drunk during victory parade

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Personally I thought it was hilarious and also don't believe that a 250 pound guy is going to be drunk after having just a couple of beers. However, there were a lot of people that weren't very happy about the display by the Super Bowl champs.


Facing most of the criticism was Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce who are pictured above. I am not sure why Kelce decided to wear a WWE championship belt but I'm not one of the people that cares if they get a bit tipsy, even though it was in the morning. I've done that.


This was a very big occasion as the Chiefs haven't won the big dance in exactly 50 years. So, as you would expect the party was huge even though it is flippin freezing in Kansas City this time of year.

Of course it didn't take long for social media to respond with a holier than thou attitude and yes, "what about the children?" was a topic of high order.


It's kind of a bid deal to win the biggest prize in football for these guys. People drink at parties. "Dee" could have just told her kids that people only get to do that if they win the Super Bowl or just lied and said it was juice or something. Why do people have to make a big deal about everything or even worse, try to pretend that famous athletes are a big group of angels that should be held to a higher standard just because your kids admire them?

While a vast majority of the revelers thought it was a great time and actually participated by throwing the beers to the players, a few sour grapes individuals tried to put a dismal spin on it.

What do you think? Should they not have behaved like this in public?

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If it was during the day the kids should have been in school anyway. So I say shame on the parents for not being responsible enough to keep their kids in school.


as big of a deal as this was in KC, it wouldn't surprise me if they let all the kids have a "snow day" lol


Yeah I'm betting on a day off too. They do that in Cincinnati for the Reds on opening day and the Reds suck. That being said I have no issue with it. I know it said the police had already said alcohol was banned but I'm sure there were plenty of drinkers in the crowd. If you don't want your kids near that then sporting event celebrations might not be the place to bring them.


exactly. No one MADE you go to this right?