High School basketball players beat up their own coach in New Jersey

2개월 전

In a viral video that begs the question "WTF is wrong with you?" a bunch of young students can be seen punching and kicking an adult who falls to the ground and they continue kicking and stomping him.


The original video was grainy enough already but i suspect that it has been doctored even more because the people in question are minors. They were students from the Malcolm X. Shabazz High School in Newark and had just returned from an away game in a neighboring city when the incident occurred in the parking lot of the school.

The students were suspended and the local police are investigating whether criminal charges should be filed. I know that I think they should be because there is no excuse for this sort of behavior. I remember when I was on sports teams in high school and there were times that I was very upset with the coach but I would never dream of attacking him because he is a coach and an adult and that is not what you do!

How do you feel about this? I feel ashamed of today's youth and wonder what has gone wrong in their upbringing to make this happen. It's shameful and I hope they get a lot more than just a suspension for this. I extend my sentiments to whoever was holding the camera as well because based on his narration, he knew this was going to happen. This was planned.

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