NBA players complain about Orlando "Bubble" ... Steven Adams has brilliant response

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Elite athletes live in a different world than the rest of us. There is no denying the immense talent and also very specific inherited traits that are necessary to become one of the top players in any sport - this is a given. Their dedication to their craft is admirable as well. This doesn't mean that they don't occasionally decide to act like total Prima donna's.


Rajon Rondo has become one of the many NBA players to head to Instagram and Twitter to complain about their luxury accommodation that most of us couldn't afford (and he doesn't even have to pay for) when he compared his room to Motel 6, which if you are not aware is a pretty awful hotel chain and likely the cheapest in the United States. His rant didn't end there though as he complained about the food offerings as well, which once again, is something that he has been receiving for free.


I mean look at that dump! No wonder he is complaining. While the country has been plunged into a situation with mass layoffs and near 15% unemployment, this guy, who has accrued over $100 million in his career playing a game, is truly suffering. The poor baby.

I'm not going to list all of them but thankfully they are not getting the responses they had hoped on their Twitter and IG pages where most of the responses are actually getting angry at him and the other players who are bitching about their free luxury accommodation not being luxury enough while much of the country has been through months of not being allowed to even leave their houses without harassment.


New Zealand's Steven Adams, who just became my favorite center in the NBA with his online response to these truly pampered superstars came to the defense of the hotel Grand Destino when he said

“Let’s be clear: This is not Syria. It’s not that hard. ... We’re living at a bloody resort. Everyone is going to complain, everyone has their own preferences, nothing too serious. Just a big [sic] of dry food here and there.”

It is important to note that the resort has on demand food made by trained chefs, multiple swimming pools, a movie theater, and even a barbershop for the players to use any time they please. It of course also has top-quality gym equipment and multiple basketball courts where they can train to their hearts' content.

can you imagine being forced to eat here? The horror!

I think that Steven Adams scored a lot of points with the public by not being such as pampered bitch about what the rest of us normal people would absolutely LOVE to be taking part in right now. You are on vacation for free ya jerks. If you are expecting an outpouring of sympathy because your lobster thermador was slightly overcooked, you don't really know your audience very well.

On a pleasant side-note, none of the players have tested positive for the dreaded virus. Let's hope it stays that way for another couple weeks so we can finally see some games

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Never heard of Steven Adams as I don't really follow basketball but the way that a lot of these guys, especially the really big names, have been interjecting themselves into politics lately, it kind of makes me dislike all of them. Except for Steven of course, he sounds like my kind of person.


i think that most people are tired of them butting their heads into politics also. I'm like, No Lebron, I don't care what you think about congress, you can barely form complete sentences, go play some basketball you millionaire.