Super Bowl LIV tickets most expensive, ever.

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It does make sense that tickets to almost anything would go up in price over the years but when you see what the resale value of this year's Super Bowl are going for, it boggles the mind about how much extra money a lot of people actually have.


Now it is important to understand that this is not what the venue itself is charging for these tickets, but as you can expect, the re-sellers pick up almost all the available tickets immediately once they become available for sale. Many of the tickets were bought a long time before it was even known who was going to be in the Super Bowl. I don't pretend to know how this works, but much like trying to win an Ebay bidding war 8 years ago where the bots will wait until the last seconds to drive the price up, the agents and re-sellers get a great many of the actual tickets using technology and connections that the average person doesn't have access to.

The average price for a ticket to the "big dance" is gonna set you back a cool $6000 and the lowest priced one that can be found (at the time of me writing this) is $5200.

I love football, but this is just crazy to me. Presuming that you were going to go with a friend or loved one you are faced with getting to go to a sporting event, or buying a car. To me, the choice is easy. Imagine the sort of party you could host for $10,000.


There is a lot of speculation about what is driving the prices so high including the people of Kansas City, who haven't been in the final game for 50 years. After many years of promising results they always seemed to choke in the post-season.

The good news is that this surge in prices for tickets tends to fade as we get closer to the actual date of the Super Bowl. So if you are sitting there with $4,000 in your hand hoping to get a ticket - you will likely be able to get one and then you should have your head examined for spending that much money on a sporting event.

Now just for fun, have a look at this funny commercial from the 90's

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I think the fact that it is being held in Florida probably helps. Who doesn't want to go to the warmer weather in the Winter? :) The worst part is, that is just the tickets. You still have to find a flight and hotel. I think most of the hotels have a three night minimum so you can't even cheap out that way.

there's some people out there with a level of money that is difficult for me to fathom. Even having $6000 spare for anything at all is kind of beyond my wildest imagination. Let alone for a 4 hour show.