Balloon Game Over! 235,964 to be burned. Who won?

3년 전

@kid4life noticed a discrepancy with how gremlins were distributed this round. I can't for the life of me figure out how it occured or if my eyes are playing tricks on me and it is fine.

giphy (2).gif

I can't in good faith continue this game past this point of contention so I am calling it now and having multiple winners. To make it fair and right.

So who's splitting 235,964 SPORTs?

So later this afternoon i will distribute the winnings to 4 players in ratio to how many balloons they have.

@kid4life with 30 (157,377.12)

@curator-plants with 11 (57,704.65)

@abh12345.sports with 2 (10,491)


@spamfarmer with 2 (10, 691) (I already had to refund him and additional 200 so now its square)

So thats a total of 235,964 being burned

And for those of you that win the Braves vs Reds contest tonight. I have a surpise for the next gane which THANKFULLY will have involve less math and we can have more fun :).

It'll be a choice based survival game in the style of Gladiatorial sports combat.

And again thank you Kid for bringing it to my attention.

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You're the queen of gifs. I wish I found this gif!!


Lol, now that is balloon madness!

Gosh, lucky guys.. Congrats.
I was kind of having a feeling that I won't be winning anything as usual Lol

Thanks for hosting though, it was fun


hope to see, interact more with you on here, yeah that was fun for sure :)

damn i was saving all my gremlins for kid4life would be epic :=) next time. i cant complain 57 thousand is a great reward thank you.

I hope there will be new cool gladiator games coming :-)! Nice one @swolesome

235,964 SPORT is a nice number to be burned, imagine if we do that on a weekly basis and more with time! Awesome work everyone! Its cool that you distributed the winnings and congrats to the other three winners!

I am looking forward to the new game in question, more fun the better!:)



I am glad at the end of the day you still want to play my games :).

And hell yea! Lets burn more.


I was a gambling man throughout my whole life and I enjoy fun games, so you'll be definitely seeing me around :) On to the next one yeah, I'm in!