Questions for Patrick, comment yours below

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A ton of people were excited to see myself and @patrickulrich talking about the platform and him answering questions I personally had.

I think its fair that for this next part I ask questions you guys have come up with.

Many of mine come from a game developer point of view.

Feel free to shout yours out below.

And as always, if I use your question, you will be credited as the one who asked.


Already I'm gunning to ask him about alt accounts, abuse growth and the possibility of community elected mods. Users who stem abuse and help curate.

Comment below!

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One of my questions would also relate to what you have on your list regarding controlling obvious abuse.

It would also be interesting to hear about any plans to reduce token supply.



abuse is getting out of hand and we desperatly need something like steemcleaners imo or give a week timeout or something


the token supply is an interesting questions. There is a reason for all this tokens?

It's been refreshing to see the autonomy of tribes and on that note, what would your ultimate vision realized of this be?

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Hello bro. I'd like to know what will come next for @sportstalksocial or at least a glance about what's the plan and course of action he's going to take in order to improve things. Regards mate!

my question would be are there any more partnerships planned in the future aspect and is there any app coming too specifically for sportstalk

@swolesome, Most of the Steemengine or Scotbot Communities are new and most basic but vital issue is, improper use of tags and it's one section which is very difficult to control in the Decentralised world.

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What challenges have you faced so far in the development of this project?