What If? Week 1

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The wishbone, the option, even the flea-flicker. All of these popular staples of backyard football all started with "what if we tried this"? Hey, I'm Swolesome and I would like to try something.

I have been in crypto for almost 3 years now. I have butted heads with abusers and gone to war with spammers. More importantly, I have made genuine connections with good people I can call my friend who has the same moral compass I do. Despite the name, she is one of the kindest most thoughtful people I have ever met but @battleaxe will rough a circle-jerking fool up. She can be terrifying.

This path though has led me to my current passion and favorite job ever; Cats In Mechs. An upcoming game where the giant robots and their cat pilots are actually owned by the players and because of the power of the blockchain we can actually help cats get adopted in real life by having players crowdfund the adoption fees buy just buying and selling items normally in the game.

It showcases the power of, "What if?"

what if.jpeg

So this post is an experiment. A What If. I have had people come to me in direct messages impressed over my current interview which is still getting questions for Patrick! I have been floored by the quality of queries I have received in public and in private so that is still going on in the background as I farm the questions to feed to him haha.

Now what I want to try is a summit. A post where people from all walks of life on the platform air their ideas and grievances.

In this summit users post ideas for what should change about the platform, issues they have or something they think can really make the platform shine. The best ideas naturally float to the top and the masses can see what everyone is thinking and before you know it those ideas and suggestions become actions and become beautiful features on this great growing platform.

That is the intention of the discord telegram question post I had before to see where the main distribution of users ended. It appears as if discord is popular so I am going to be giving one lucky user that commented on that post an upvote or an item from my game their choice, very soon!

So I now ask you. What is your What If for the platform?

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K.I.S.S. principle in action
keep it simple stupid

The biggest downfall I see of any tribe and ecosystem is redundant and intellectual bloat. Fun and simplicity wins over catering to just a few who want things Dexter like. just my two pesos
terrifying? lol, only to people who are evil/corrupt and malicious to innocents
battleX_V5b_geko (1).gif


SUCH an underrated movie. I don't need to break the ice I brought a battleaxe. The tribes need fun, I can't even remember the last time I saw a gif in my comments.


apologies for the offensive language but it HAS been one of those days as you know :)
but tommorow is another day and oh yes on your assesment,

I've been away from steemit for a long time, but I'm back to sportstalk and @patrickulrich! I have many ideas and suggestions: 1. we absolutely need an official discord server. 2. Perhaps there are many tokens, and projects are needed to burn them! I'm a bettors and I would like to curate the #tag Betting, 80% of the curation reward will be burned! 3. I would like to create a bridge between sportstalksocial-Betscorum-Blitzprediction! These are just some of the ideas I have in mind. Thanks for this post and I hope to continue having a good collaboration with you @swolesome


A tag that burns what it curates is definitely interesting. Betting could get more users to adopt the token, I believe I asked Patrick about betting I have to check my notes.


well I hope the Google and Enjin and maybe other leads can help you in that wholesome Swolesome

Well I finally made it to sportstalksocial.

Yeah i agree that @battleaxe is kind almost to a fault. But i will trade with care where she is concerned, i suspect she has a sweetie under that .

What if? Perhaps some other time. But what if there isn't another?


Good to see you here! And you are right she is the best person to have in your corner.


Izge feels like one of those people you just mesh with, like vibe tribe, thanks and thanks Swolesome for all you are doing here and glad to see Izge here so much

What if we forget about crypto and forget about steem and market sportstalk social as a sports platform where you can earn tokens(money) to voice your opinion and have debates, write content. People would flock to it. Supporters clubs for all sports clubs . decentralised and thriving. Target the normal sports fan with a 9-5 job and an obsession with sport.


I feel as if the more sports content gets put out the easier that'll be. Football is right around the corner and I feel that can be the biggest on ramp.

What if we find a way to teach all bloggers about the importance of posting original content, even if it's low quality. Would they understand that they can learn to improve their craft along the way? Regards cham!


Originality and quality are two important keys. I'd like to see what the new users create.

good initiative! I agree that a Discord channel is needed for faster and easier interaction. Given the numerous cases of abuse, I would propose a nosports4u account that deals with inhibiting the earnings of non-related posts. In the Discord channel a channel could be created for the promotion of posts from a curator account, to which users can delegate SPORTS and where the curator's earnings are burned.


Catchy name!

well i would be saying apart from this topic a little bit and that is many people just come here and don't even understand what the basics are here some people who learn over time survives mainly and those are the ones who create the best for the community. while others have some intentions for a shorter period of time if that goes their ways they are happy if don't then its a tug war hahah


There is a steep learning curve for newcommers. Thats a good point, we might have to work on that.

I agree with @giornalista in each of the 3 point

Looking forward to playing that game. Keep us posted

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