Sprint, warriors - mud running/冲刺吧勇士们——泥地障碍跑

8개월 전

Human is a magical species, always willing to challenge themselves, challenge all kinds of difficulties. In sports, the human challenge has never stopped.

In sports, running belongs to aerobic sports, which appears in various forms. The common running sports are long run and short run, and the most interesting one is obstacle run.

In England and Spain, there is a very challenging obstacle race - mud obstacle race. The track of mud obstacle running is set in the mud. The players need to run in the mud, then cross many obstacles, and finally reach the end.

Mud obstacle running is really very challenging. Running in mud is either very slippery or very resistant. This kind of running environment can be said to be very harsh, and the more challenging aspect is the obstacles along the way.

Some obstacles are tall wooden fences, some need to swim in very muddy mud, some need to crawl forward. Anyway, in the whole process, the competitors are rolling and running.

Although you can get to the finish line just by crossing the obstacles, the whole game is not so simple. Deep mud is always trying to make you unable to move forward, or slide to, or sink into it.

In order to complete the whole competition smoothly, the contestants need to have full physical strength and hard-working spirit. It's impossible to say that after the whole match, most of the competitors are not himself, but a "clay man".

Although the mud running is very challenging, it has attracted the participation of all over the world. They didn't find it hard to participate in the obstacle race, but enjoyed it as if they were
participating in a carnival on the mud.

Will you take part in the mud running? It's going to be a mud carnival.











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