Two group B teams met in the finals

7개월 전

Who is against the Indonesian soccer team in the 2019 SEA Game final?

Score 3-0 for Vietnam's superiority over Cambodia closed the course of the first round match.

In the 19th minute. Vietnam opened the scoring through a header from Nguyen Tien Linh.

The 26th minute through a counter-attack scheme, Ha Duc Cinh increased Vietnam's advantage to 2-0 over Cambodia. Ha Duc Cinh in the first half injury time to increase the advantage of Vietnam to 3-0.

in the 69th minute the superiority of Vietnam grew through Sontekan Ha Duc Chinh who slipped in between the Cambodian defender and penetrated the goal, thus increasing Vietnam's advantage to 4-0.
In this duel, Cambodian and Vietnamese players are often involved in foul violations so the referee has to work extra and issue a yellow card.

with the results of this match, Vietnam will be the U23 Indonesian national team opponents in the 2019 SEA Games soccer finals. Group B champions meet with Runners up in the finals to determine who won the gold medal

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