Let make cash this Saturday... Predictions for today's game

2년 전

1553910856_images_(15).jpeg I do like to drop my predictions for Saturday matches. It feels good to have the leagues back in action as we catch fun and make lots of cash.

*Fulham vs Manchester city

1.Manchester City to win the match with more than a goal.

  1. Both teams to play 9 corner kicks or more.

*Manchester City vs Watford

  1. Manchester united wins.

*Barcelona vs Espanyol

  1. Barcelona win with more than one goal

*Juventus vs Empoli

  1. Juventus wins.

*Freiburg vs Bayern Munich

  1. Bayern Munich wins

I do rather play less games with good cash, I believe this should give at least 4 odds. Feel free to drop your predictions also.

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I see Dortmund defeating Wolfsburg