Malcuit agent believes Napoli are Juventus biggest rival

3년 전


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The agent of the player is of the opinion that his client's new club is in sole position to contend with Juventus for the Scudetti thus season.

Kevin Malcuit hasn't made any official debut for the club yet but it is believed that hits time will come soon.

Bruno Satin has been however revealed that the young player is already training hard with the club and is already integrating well after his move from Lille.

Speaking to CalcioNapoli24, the agent said they he wasn't certain if his client would start against Parma but that he was sure that Malcuit was ready to go.

Napoli have brought in players this season and looks ready to challenge Juventus for the trophy. However, they've had a setback with the 3-0 defeat to Sanpdoria.

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