Seems the brawl between Sterling and Gomez is not quite over.

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Raheem Sterling of Manchester City and Joe Gomez of Liverpool clashed at the end of Sunday's 3-1 win for the Premier League leaders at Anfield.


You would think that was all right?, but it wasn't as events that unfolded on Monday shocked lots of people as Sterling took the brawl off the pitch.
Sterling was said to have confronted Gomez when they both showed up for international duty on Monday at St George's Park.
While the team were relaxing in the restaurant and exchanging banters, Sterling on arriving and seeing Gomez went to grab him by the neck, asking ‘you still the big man?’ while he tried to get Gomez on a headlock before teammates rushed in to separate them when they realized it was no longer a joke.
The team. mates quickly stepped in to stop the altercation but not after Sterling had given Gomez a noticeable scratch under his right eye. PRI_959697661573631959174.jpg

My Thoughts.

In this case, it is Sterling that is the aggressor as was seen on Sunday as he kept advancing on Gomez who kept stepping back to avoid the altercation and it was he who also went and held Gomez on the shirt Monday at St George's Park.
Whatever the issue was on Sunday should have been let to lie, but Sterling seems hellbent on making something out of it and she succeeded in leaving a scar on Gomez.
Are there no disciplinary actions for stuffs like these? Is Sterling above the law?
It is clear Gomez was the big man on both occasions and I guess that angered Sterling as his main word to him was, "you still the big man?"

I think Gomez is cool and he should remain cool.
Do you think Sterling is justified for his actions both on and off the field of play?

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