Public Hivemind Service proposal is no longer available


I've just removed Public Hivemind Service Proposal. All the proposal payments gained so far refunded to @steem.dao account.

The main reason behind deleting the proposal is that I found myself trying to defend the proposal on a good Saturday. It's just not worth it.

I'm really thankful for the support of the proposal. I'll continue to build the project with my own expense, yet with smaller infrastructure.

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Sorry to hear that you removed the proposal just because I had some questions about it. But it's your decision.

Just because some sourpuss don't like the awesome idea of a community funded db for everybody shouldn't distract you from your idea.
What is @inertia doing? No one needs it, one can read the source code!
Same with one needs it, it already exists in all frontends.
But I guess, haters gonna hate

If you would document some of the work you put into it I wouldn't mind supporting it with some voting power as I and many others feel that rewarding effort and development with post rewards is still more important than just content even with the dao.

Sorry to hear you drop the proposal. I am very interested in the Hivemind concept, so PLEASE keep up the great work and keep posting about how to use it and enable us to develop our own db access to the data.

I think it was/is a great idea. You shouldn't let some inquisitive questions let you discourage from pursuing this project. Give it another try. :)


The idea is still on table :) but with proposal support, hell no! :) Thanks, though.

Keep going emre I sure you will not give up! :))


hahah thanks @doze, There is no giving up. I gave up wasting my time on stupid discussions.




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So you quit because one guy doesn't understand it? I don't get it :(


He quit because his ego was hurt. He could just have answered the questions or completely ignore me in the first place. I never intended him to stop the proposal. When asking simple questions made him taking down the proposal it might not have been a good one in the first place.


I quit from the proposals, not from the project. I quit because I don't want to deal w/ discussions/people like that. :)

Thanks for the update. It must be frustrating having to defend yourself when all a person has to do is choose to vote or not. !SHADE 2

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Hope you can demonstrate the value of this effort on your own without people's judgments muddling the progress. It is a shame you were being maligned for defending yourself against questions, and even flagged for bothering to do so.

I feel there has been very little support or excitement from the majority expressed over the release of the hivemind when compared to the hype over SMT's, and I think it's mainly because most people do not know how or why to utilize it, myself included. For me, I think this feature was super important for providing better decentralization to steem, and I see great value in any proposal that seeks to better expand on this.

I thank you for your commendable honesty and efforts, which is far more than most people are willing to share.

Too bad, but it's your decision. Greetings.

Sorry to hear that! I was / am / will be one of the supporters of this project.