1st Place in the Kobold Mining Expidition (NLS)! + new battles record!

2년 전

Do you know some?
I became a champion in the Kobold Mining Expidition (NLS)
Yes, without Legendary Summoners I can do it!


21 BATTLES!!! (TEWNTY ONE!) it was!
Even the second place player have 13 Battles, others enough less than a half of my.

I think it's a new record for such Tourneys
(with the rules for the Rounds like these:
Default: Best 2 of 3
Qualifier: Best 2 of 3
Final Round: Best 3 of 5)

I also participated in the tournament, which has 3 by 5 by default - you may see this one of ContestKings Invitational


The Final Round I won at easy - with 3 wins and 0 defeats.

More interesting - and more tough guys were who made me 3 draws.

One of them is funworlding
I don't know why after "Keep Your Distance" Battle
you may push to see the battle

I chose the same tactics for the Silenced Summoners

you may push to see the battle

But "DRAW" is better than "Defeat" so the next two battles I won and it was quit lucky enough to going to the next Round:

the 3rd battle
the 4th battle (to see it all)

Actually, I think that the about hundred of people play very prudently, and about fifty of them are very dangerous (I mean - Tournament players).

Join this wonderful game - and you'll get your own experience, victories and emotions!

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