Steem Monsters - enough fast Gold League & Daily Quests achievements!

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Strange thing when you do not to see any post in your blog, but it is still enough Steemit interface.
I am on - the details you may find at aggroed's post. Also I use all his tags - interesting also about palnet in the same time.

So return to the topic: I made my daily quest enough fast today + I got the Golden League.
It's also fast enough (earlier than any other Reward Season).

What it was? It was the Earth Splinter Daily Quest and only 12 Battles, the last one was after the quest completed - to join the Gold League.

So I have 9 victories, 2 real defeats and plus 1 lost connection defeat.

So here is the first:

This guy used a new card from Promo very wisely. Need to gain this card to myself too.

go here to see the battle

And the second one:

I should have done what he did. But only change the sequence, putting theCrustcean King before Ruler Of The Seas.

go here to see the battle

And yes, I received 6 reward cards for the daily quest.
But simple enough and not worth the attention.

Join this wonderful game - and you'll get your own experience, victories and emotions!

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