What the hell with the"Circulating" and "Total" on the steem-engine.com

2년 전


Who can help me understand the meaning of these "Circulating" and "Total"?

I wonder 2 things:
What is the "Circulating"? If we opened the orbs - did they go out from circulation?

Because, look to the ALPHA:

Max (300,000) and total are equal now - because all alpha packs were sold out....- of course - the unopened ones are owned now only by the players.
So the Circulating is the owned unopened packs - right?
The 15,651 left unopened - that's the logic - right?

So what with the orbs??

Why do we see the Circulating (unopened) and Total (purchased) amounts are equal?
Somewhere there is the mistake.

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I think once the "Total" is 200,000 they are all sold. They still have 21,744 to sell, thus they are circulating.


Yes, it will Total = 200,000 someday.
But for now the amount is a special number... but why the Circulating and Total equal?
Do we have purchased orbs by site but still unopened ones? If so - than Circulating != Total