Crypto Markets Right Now=Liquified BS Money Fired at a Wall to See What Sticks

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First of all I want to preface I don't have the credentials, licensing, or any other state approved pieces of paper that give me a state-based verification to let you know what I am talking about in this situation. Not exactly a catchy opening statement of effective self edification to persuade I know. Though the purpose of this is not to persuade but to entertain through comedy and maybe inform and to illustrate the nosebleed clueless levels right now that mirrors some of the peak hysteria the dot com era of investing, with the typical cryptocurrency investor's "fickle-meter" turned up to 11/10. Yes crypto investment worldwide has gone full Spinal Tap, actually 110% Spinal Tap (which is physically possible, watch the movie)... And I have a fever, and the only prescription is going full Spinal Tap on the crypto world right now for its nuclear level of toxic stupidity across the board.


In an even less edifying moment of clarity similar to the spirit mentioned above I do not hold the credentials of coaching a middle school entry level baseball (junior/ junior varsity) level baseball team at the moment. Though I have had several friends of varying levels of coaching and administration in the game throughout the years recommend or tell me in hindsight I should've worked in the professional baseball ranks, or at least at some major college level in some capacity as a coach or some kind of administrative help for a major program on the amateur side, or at least in the low level minor leagues as a scout or instructor in some capacity. So to make clear, 30+ years of uber intensive micro observations of a game that I have grown to love over decades in a non-stop at obsessive levels do not equal validation to coach a pee-wee baseball team that someone who attended a few credit college level class to get a certification gets over a few weekend workshop. Might I add as an important caveat in this rant that I do not have full blown disdain for those of my fellow friends, mentors, fellow travelers that do carry low to high levels of "state based accreditation." Many of the most talented and people committed to a higher level of excellence gritted their teeth at some point and plow through the eras in their lives that are stolen by the time that requires to carry the endless lists of these credentials across the board.

Ok, and again to continue, please humor me and allow me to reposition in start by saying I am not in any way comparing myself to Phil Jackson in this expertise in any way as it is illustrated in the below reference. But I am sharing in the spirit of what this old commercial illustrates mentioned below to what some people may identify as people who confuse conventional wisdom of the moment versus clear-cut apparent cold hard facts as it relates to the given situation. For some context at the time of the airing of this ad Phil Jackson was fresh off a multiple championship run with his two biggest superstars who went by the single names of Shaq and Kobe, who happen to also be the two biggest superstars in all of the NBA at the time in a feud that literally in the end broke their dynasty, the second dynasty in about 15 years that he was the head coach of between the Lakers and the Bulls of the 1990s and earlier 2000's...


Conventional wisdom (a curse word in the highest order right now in my vocabulary for obvious reasons) would start with an interview with the above represented truths taken into effect, likely carried out by someone who would likely get a lesson they would feel the need to pay me for by the end of the interview if they were smart enough to conduct the interview correctly and ask the right questions. But we need paper evidence to satisfy the department of redundancy of repetitive and overly duplicated verification centrally federated bureaucracy of intensive rubber stamping... or best abbreviated as BS. I am not upset actually in not having done this because if I were that upset really at all-I would have submitted all violated principles and just did what was needed years ago to get a measly piece of paper that ensured to the public I knew what I was talking about. A phenomenon like this is going on in crypto right now and I will try my best to explain why the phenomena taking place right now fusing some comparable working parts inside of it similar to this rant I am including as a cheap plug to get it included to the block chain as mental therapy. Maybe that is why I am such a rabid supporter of blockchain based technology and the ideals of "cartoon-villain like hatred" I have for systems that are half a millennia out of date

Sorry for the self-centered "humble-brag," and dropping the contradictory oxymorons all over the place, but every once in a while the times call for being unreasonable and with a truckload of sarcasm (although lately I am finding this need more and more often, huh, must just be me). These times would be that moment where we are concerned, and there may not be enough earth movers manufactured on the planet at the moment to spread the BS that is permeating the landscape and the air in the crypto world.

Right now if you have not noticed we (steem people) had our crypto reach 90th on the coinmarketcap 100 just the other day. Yep, we are 11 spots (at the time of my checking) from being second page news. Yep, leapfrogged by conceptual design, roadmaps, blatant pump and dump scams, and other things that won't even produce a web page to tell anyone what they are doing because they know they are so full of it. Who's to blame? I don't know, it's like Cybil (the old famous multiple personality schizophrenic movie character in the self titled movie) winning a major award, too many different people to thank and to mention for a lot of the same reasons for the character mentioned above. That is not the point, so don't worry I am not going nuclear at all on STINC or any individuals that may or may not have taken this crypto to another realm of "Dante's Crypto Inferno."

I have noticed over the now (in a few weeks anyway) two years being on steemit and following crypto investment as a whole during this era is that actual value added is taken a dime a dozen in valuation-or nothing at all, while accomplishing nothing and not yet massively disappointing while being a new and "shiny" crypto is virtually everything. But what do you mean @cryptkeeper17 we want to buy and hold the "productive or value building tokens" and sell the ones that we accumulate that do little to nothing, or are blatant pump and dump schemes. At steem's highest valuation it was not doing 1/10th of what it's doing now, which was what like 40x and then some on valuation thanks to the bitcoin all time high almost a few years back now?

If you are on discord and for whatever reason you will get messages from people claiming to "not be spammers," but kind friends that are telling you to be a part of the next crypto pump for "crypto brand X" at a date and time. Such nice people to include others they have no idea to take part in the financial gain, or bag holding as it so often happens. Were these people sincere and legit patrons or promoters of a given crypto they would buy, hold and stake what they feel is worth taking part in this exercise. So now we have cryptos that have become shell games of this practice rather than reward the people within the given crypto that are creating true and sustainable value through real dapps that are creating legitimate buzz as opposed to a pyramid scheme that is built out of liquid BS blocks on a shoreline of a then active category five hurricane.

Wow, how cynical of a view is that? Very. But don't worry many people that are "carnival barking" their BS crypto, spending heaps of money to have discord groups pump their explosive bag of diarrhea into a sudden high price jump that creates excitement for that day hopefully catching a few suckers to buy in on the back end. If anyone has in real life held a highly volatile bag of diarrhea at too high of a point for too long in the literal sense (please tell me no one reading this post has ever done this btw) the results aren't pleasing to the psyche or the face, no matter what bag pumping idiots tell you on the front or back end of that deal.

Now we get to what does this mean for the steem based economy? Not good, at least until more people get accustomed to crypto in a much more sincere sense that it is right now a pyramid scheme for many people that are going to get burned bad being simply too ignorant in the early phases thinking they have struck blockchain gold, when they have found yet another crypto that is good at writing an aspirational whitepaper that carries a shine and luster of a bug zapper that none of the orbiting bugs with zero attention span have no chance to resist getting burned to oblivion in "one, glorious shining moment." Either the lesson is learned and the next time their money follows something with some legitimacy and staying power of creating some real value to the crypto universe or they keep playing "the exploding BS pinata game."

At some point I think bigger crypto will get this figured out, actually helping people in areas that are economically depressed in all areas of the world whether they be first world, second world, or third world economies for that matter. Because this cycle of hustling (mainly) people in more robust economies by pure speculation in the first world mainly I think there are very few people in more lowly valued economic bases with base currencies that fluctuate by the hour in their value. These people aren't suckers that the "lottery ticket investing public" of what is being now attracted to crypto. Either crypto as a whole starts wising up and becomes a more legitimate enterprise sooner rather than later or it becomes a curse word for holders and true believers of the utility and upside that can be created in a negative branding effort that will cause it to be a dinosaur, or an always apocalyptic asset that is a flaming bag of diarrhea.

Now that the doom and gloom has been aired out (sorry for the pun and visual created while spending so much time talking about volatile bag holders of excrement) there are some extraordinary results that can occur because of this and actually within the steem based economy. Sorry for the teaser but having been in bed the past few days not feeling well has sapped my stamina after finding adjectives and visuals for the level of BS that is happening in the crypto world to best describe to a global base of distributing a point. This has definitely turned a less positive spin on a current universally based income (outcome) concept that are rich in one thing--puns. To sum the whole thing up, steem as a crypto is facing an identity crisis like what I mentioned above that is void of common sense in that steem is now producing expert/high end operations versus what it ever did before, but continues to fall because it is not the "prospect" that the new whitepaper attached to a crypto symbol brings in totality to the table.

Alright here's the tease, the next part of this post "Part II: Why Mass Crypto Apocalypse is a Great Thing for Steemit-Especially SteemMonsters/Splinterlands Crowd." Thanks for the read, best of luck and don't get too discouraged in the moment. Certain levels of BS can be maintained only so long, then the revelation of truth hits like a ton of (better reinforced bricks than the material discussed at ad nauseam levels-pun 110% intended) thanks to being supported by rational, problem solving, utilitarian, real truth based people antithetical to what is going on right now things will become unrecognizable in their current state.

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