Trade ME Your Drug War Dollars for Splinterlands Cards

8개월 전


Message me via discord @cryptkeeper17#6637 and I will make you a trade offer of The Splinterlands cards that I currently have in exchange for your Drug War Dollars (DWD).

They could even include Alpha singles if you have the right amount of DWDs for trade.

Let me know what you have for DWD and what you are looking for monster cards. I am certainly not hanging it up for the monster cards, that is for sure. I of course am still buying and trading as much as I can, I would like to hedge a little bit on the Drug Wars side of the steemit game economy and will be awaiting your trade offers.

Also, to all players that have completed contracts for rentals with @cryptkeeper17 on peak-monsters let me know when your contracts are done, so that I can give you a neoxian-ag delegation for successfully completing your rental contract. It's a humble thanks for working with me and an attempt to build some goodwill and ongoing branding with those of you that are big into renting cards that you will be playing with. I try to have as much variety as I can available for people to rent, so take a look.

Thanks for the read, best of luck to you on your monster quests, monster seasons, drug-wars pursuits, and all other games you are playing on the steem blockchain.

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Dang, I shouldn't have deleted my Drug Wars account.

I just got tired of people stealing my shit all the time. :)


You still can play @some-asshole, get a hold of me on discord, I am in a gang that doesn't get messed with too often if you want to pick it back up again, I can definitely hook you up if you played it a little bit every day.

I am interested in joining your drug gang. Thanks!


Cool-message me on discord @cryptkeeper17#6637 @mawit07


I can't find you. Mind is mawit#7550

I used it almost when I started and invested a little in the game, a few days ago I removed the permits because I wasn't allowed to access