Steemmonsters posts an all time high user activity (2,919) on stateofdapps!


Wow, even as bitcoin and alts are dropping Steemmonsters is on fire.

The highest number I've seen posted was around 2,500-2,600 daily users. According to stateofdapps there were 2,919 users in the last 24 hours.

steemmon high.jpg

I love this game.

It's been a buying frenzy for me personally taking loans from fellow steemians (@neoxian and @swedishdragon) and spending some of my own fiat. I'm either crazy for risking so much or I'm making a great investment.

Judging by how much DEC I'm earning through battles it gives me optimism the latter is true.

I've bought four max alpha summoners (one of the last few in existence) in the last few weeks and today I've maxed out Fiendish Harpy and Dwarfen wizard.

four summoners.jpg

Crazy fomo has gotten over me. Fingers crossed I don't get burned :)

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You summoned me? ^^
woop woop , sooo how did you do??? are you still breathing? :P