Splinterlands Upcoming Mobile Version and Guild System

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The team from @splinterlands have become the innovators of the Steem blockchain. But they are not forgetting about their roots and constantly make the game better and better. The next updates to look forward are the guild system and the mobile version.

Splinterlands Mobile Version



The gameplay experience of @splinterlands on a desktop is fantastic. However, for mobile users it has been struggle ever since, which is going to change soon. The new mobile UI is under development and we have seen some sneak peaks already. There might be changes but I am getting super hyped when I see the images. The talented designer @nateaguila has created something that looks better than the desktop version.

The mobile market could be the entrance door for all those players, who are either reduced to using phones exclusively or who grew up with smart phone games and prefer the hand-held experience. People who have no idea about cryptocurrencies can now get an easy access to Splinterlands and the whole blockchain ecosystem. They can buy booster packs with their credit card or PayPal and can start earning Dark Energy Crystals (DEC). No need to worry about how to purchase Steem, which can come later.

Splinterland Guilds


With the upcoming guild system, which will be released this July, we will get a brand new way of playing the game. We have few details so far but teaming up with other players will be the foundation. Many new ways of spending DEC are planned, which will increase the demand for them and drive up the price. This will likely include new cards and I suspect we have to unlock certain things with DEC.

Talks about asynchronous matches are in the air and back at last year's Kickstarter campaign we have been promised Boss matches, which will eventually become a part of the guild system.

Splinterlands Market

The season has ended today and the difficulty to rise up into the top 50 has grown a lot. The competition is fierce and the free booster packs for the top players are much sought-after. No wonder, as the introduction of DEC has created a huge incentive to play, as every won ranked match is directly translatable into money. Before, you had to sell the cards you have won on the market first. Now you can simply burn them for DEC and sell that against the buy wall on Steem Engine, making the asset liquid. The same works with the Tron network. From Steem or Tron you can then trade it into Bitcoin and FIAT money.

The market cap has climbed drastically since the DEC introduction. Here is a chart from today, that is not a true representation of the value but it is a start.


I have started to combine all my double cards to Gold league levels and delegated them to my second play account. I was able to shoot up into Diamond II and earned over 10k DEC in six days. That is about 10 Dollars worth of Dark Energy Crystals in a week and done with a non-maxed Alpha card deck. On my main account I make about 2-4 times as much DEC per week, depending on how much I play. I even started renting out some unleveled gold foil cards and they create a small but passive income for me.

The time to play Splinterlands is now. It has never been as lucrative to do so. The card prices for Alpha cards are exploding, due to their DEC bonus when played in ranked matches and the DEC price has pulled up the bottom of all cards on the market. This process is likely to be repeated soon, when guilds will be introduced and the DEC price increases further as expected.

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I can't wait for the mobile version. I don't get much time to play these days but it perfect for filling in those gaps when you're out waiting for something.

The mobile app could cause this thing to go viral.

I don’t play too often on the desktop. I would definitely play more often on mobile.

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Mobile version will make this Game go larger than ever before. Hopefully can make STEEM onboarding faster. Like buy a Monster Energy drink and get the code you get free STEEM account and splinterlands card deck.


Imagine all the kids in the app store, when they see the shiny new Splinterlands app. And imagine their parents, when they realize that Splinterlands is the opposite of these money sinks, that usually are popular on phones. It stores their value very well.


The more you play, the more DEC you get. DEC = $€¥£

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Wow the app looks really cool !

I can't wait to download it to my phone and start playing there.


I am not sure if it is an app. I think it is merely a mobile design for the website.


Hmmm, interesting. I heard from somewhere that we will be getting an app.

But either way it would be really nice to get a better layout for mobile.


I also heard that eventually we will get proper apps. I am not sure this is it because I haven't seen anyone using the word "APP" for this design but specifically "mobile design". We will see. :)


Either way it will be amazing, since aggroed and yabapmatt are working super hard on steemmonsters at the moment.

Everything spunds too damn good to be true! DEC really saved the game for me

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Yeah and I think this is just the beginning of something much larger.


Yeah and I think this
Is just the beginning of
Something much larger.

                 - flauwy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I can't wait for the mobile app, playing on your phone is doable, but not enjoyable. But when your an addict and need your fix 🤳


You have the best GIFs on the blockchain. And always self-made. Well done!


Thanks! You have the best Splinterlands videos ever! Your work is awesome!!

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Interesting call on the duplicates. I went from burning all of my extra cards to get as much DEC as I could to doing the same as you combining them and playing another deck. That makes three for me as well, a basically alpha (plus betas not included in alpha) deck that I play, a virtual all gold deck, and now the duplicate of the best cards I can put together and renting a little to a lot in each of the three accounts. It's busy work but yes you said very worth it in DEC payouts...which yes @flauwy I think we are in for a shock in the price of that shortly after guild play comes out. Just my early speculation but I think it very likely to happen.

When you say this: "I have started to combine all my double cards to Gold league levels and delegated them to my second play account."

Do you just mean you sent them over to your second account, or do you mean delegation like when we delegate steem power to another account?

I'm not too familier with the entire steem ecosystem yet, I am a Tron player.. STEEM is a little confusing to me :x