Win or lose..we die there

2개월 전

Days like this I feel so good after playing that I tend to spoil myself a bit with stuffs offline. It feels different when you win a lot of games and even sometimes you tend to question yourself if you are that amazing or it's just grace.
This reminds me how winning makes us feel special and having a cloud nine emotion. I feel like I can conquer anything if whatever I am involved with is successful.

But when it is otherwise which is to lose, damn!!! everyone feels the same way. Especially on steemmonsters, I feel like breaking my screen and killing whomever killed me at that moment.I still do not have the spirit of stopping though, stupid yeah, I tend to play till I recover or just give up when it is beyond recovering.

I encountered this loss before the winning above, which says a lot about my belief in putting a little more effort and learning from past mistakes. This game is really not predictable sometimes, because even the ones who has studied it from the beginning to the end still end up losing in some places.

Do you by putting some extra effort.

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