Daily SM | Day Trading | STEEM Pump

2년 전

Hello Everybody,

Hope every one of you is doing fine. Looks like STEEM is pumped a bit but I was sleeping that time so I missed the 2400 satoshi order as I had to sell some to buy again. This is how I made a lot of profit in the past months so I was waiting for another day to come that came already. I'm jubilant to see that STEEM made a significant move. I put some orders let's see when they get filled.

On another note, BLURT Blockchain is going to be airdropped to STEEM holders but there is something fishy behind it. I can't speak about it as of now. All of the shady things yet to reveal. For now, I'm focusing on selling the same way I sold last time when STEEM pumped a lot before Hive launching. That time I was also not greedy to get airdrop so not this time as well. Just trying to be at the safe side.

The reward claimed by this account today...


I managed to complete one of the quests today but feel so bored because I'm not used to it anymore. Been a while, I played any account correctly by myself. Well, this is what shit I received again. xD

~ Adios


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