Quest Reward | An ORB Opening

2년 전

Hello Everybody,

I just opened Peakmonsters to see what all of my accounts grabbed today. I feel jubilant while seeing the quest reward where I got the below free goodies after ages. Luckily, The Kraken legendary and 2 Orbs in a day is something really amazing especially once you got such goodies after ages.

Well, I also opened 2 ORBs after a long time to see what I have there as I'm not fond of opening packs and getting shits always. This time I got one gold card from the fire team.

The reward claimed by this account today...


...this is a quest reward. This time is somewhat awesome in the form of a regular leg. xD


This is what I claimed by opening the first ORB. Though it's not the card I use frequently but still good to go.


I thought I'll be getting something better like rare gold if I open the next ORB but I was wrong and check above what I got. xD

~ Adios


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