SteemMonsters | Daily Quest with Fire Splinter

7개월 전

Greetings to All,

As all of you know, I just started my journey towards an online STeem Monsters games which is actually a card game. I am still learning this game even I don't know how cards are beating each other. xD

It's quite fun for me because I never played such games online and offline that's why I keep falling. xD Even I am playing only Daily Quests. This was the second Quest where I had to play 5 battles with Fire Splinter.

Here you can see that I lose two and won 3 battles this morning. I played the same quest yesterday and won two battles. I won the rest of the 3 battles today. Now it's completed.

At the end of this battle, I claimed 1 card. I don't know what is the purpose of that card and what it is all about. I am still lacking this knowledge even reading the page about how to play. :D


Wish you the best of luck and success ahead....!!

Let's Be Frenzzzz😉
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