113 Days of BETA Packs - #38: Gold flesh golem :D and another summoner. This has been a good run of summoners

27일 전


Splinterlands is the just about the only game I play regularly these days, and it's great because as I play I'm getting rewarded with new cards that actually have value that I can play with, share, rent or sell to whoever I like. It's fun and exciting to be part of this new era of gaming!

Full disclosure re: the story of these pack openings - see https://steempeak.com/spt/@jay.ell/113-days-of-beta-packs-a-story-and-an-update

If you want to start playing Splinterlands today and would like to support me, you're welcome to use my referral link: https://steemmonsters.com?ref=jay.ell


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