Let's play Steem Monsters tournaments #2!

I broke my new financial record in a tournament, this time I received 9000 DECs!

Screenshot_2019-10-31 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

When I first started buying gold foil cards, I was told I was crazy because they are so expensive, but gold cards exclusive tournaments contain the best awards, and now I know I made the right decision.

Screenshot_2019-10-31 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

Despite losing the last duel 2-0, the battles were very even and against one of the best players I know.

Even losing, we can always draw something positive and learn some lessons.

Screenshot_2019-10-26 Splintfgfhfherlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

It is very worth watching this fight, which I will briefly review: @marianaemilia versus @jacekw

At this point in the battle, I believed I would win, but I no was aware of how powerful Cerberus can be, due to its Retaliate ability, which it acquires after Level 5.

Screenshot_2019-10-31 Splintesdsdsdrlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

Even with countless more cards and even a Tank top-level (Flesh Golen), my opponent's lonely Cerberus was able to fight devastatingly.

Eliminating my well-positioned Minotaur Warrior, and then finishing the fight, again thanks to his Retaliate ability, which gave him a head-to-head advantage against all cards.

Unfortunately, the other cards could only watch without influencing this outcome, things could be different if there was, for example, a unit with a ranged attack, but note that the battle rule only allowed melee.


Losing this battle for a moment I thought I had been the victim of some witchcraft from hell, and then I went to study calmly to understand how it was possible.

I realized that Cerberus's power was maximized by the fact that he stayed in the end, and without the hassle of facing long-range attack cards.

I congratulate the @jacekw winner, the tournament winners, and the opportunity to learn more about this fascinating game. Lets to the next!

Images: SteemMonsters

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good work !

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very nice, great job !

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What a great post! Congrats on the DEC win, that is NICE!! Tourneys are a lot of fun, don't worry I got beat by jacekw too, LOL! He is too good! I will be giving this post a SM upvote!


Hi @clove71! Thank you very much.

I read your whole post about being addicted to the game and I was going to tell you that I'm fine, I play 40 hours a day, but I'm not addicted yet. LOL!

I am very interested in studying the strategies of the game and if you have any material on this I would appreciate it! kisses

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very nice !

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  ·  작년

That was a crazy battle! I thought that I am going to lose it but on the other hand I knew that if Cerberus would kill Minotaur there is a chance of winning because Cerberus is more aggressive than Golem and usually win in 1 VS 1 fight ;-)


Yeah, I also swore I was going to beat you one! LOL Now I love this Cerberus, even more with the help of the new Beetle Queen card, it got even more powerful like here: @marianaemilia x @th12-pura

Thanks for commenting! See you at some tournament out there ...

  ·  작년

super interessante

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valeu pela força pessoal!

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