Season End Rewards @splinterlands - Gold Foil Legendary :p


Hello all steemmonsters lovers
Welcome all...
Here I am sharing my season end rewards..


You might be thinking of that I have written GFL in heading with their is not any GFL shoen in reward cards....
To understand that you have to check the remaining part of the rewards...


Are you able to understand now...
if not Let me explain you....
Check the rewards once again...
Yes I got 67100 DEC which as I can understand is equals to the GFL.
I have not noticed the same during opening the rewards, but today when I was playing the game I seen that my in game DEC balance is more then 92k DEC. I refresh teh page to check again but to my surprise the balance was right. Then I checked the rewards again and find the surprise.
Its first time I have got this much high DEC in rewards.
In addition to above I got two Orb also.
How was your season end rewards.

Thanks for Stopping by my post.
Thanks to @rentmoney for delegated account.
Shared on hive also.

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