Rhymes for Dimes - Team Possible


Team Possible Guild


The Team Possible troops
Are ready for battle
Our lines are assembled
You can't, pierce our metal

With melee inspired
Archers in formation
Our Magic will penetrate
Your tactical armour

With a sneak and a snipe
We will, win the fight
If you try to defy us
We'll show you our might

Our speed and our swiftness
Will be the difference
We dodge your attacks
And poison your tank

Our shield is divine
We trample, all the time
Our thorns will defend
With stunning revenge

We reach into spaces
When opportunity knocks
Leeching your life
To weaken your flock

With heal and reflect
We silence your magic
Protect from your blast
To cleanse your affliction

Please don't enrage us
Or we'll return fire
Slow down your monsters
To shatter your flyer

We demoralise your forces
Repair from your trouble
Resurrecting our monsters
To strike you with double

Retaliate with precision
To strengthen our position
You can't void this trick
Result; Just triage-ic

We summon our dragons
Your death is at hand
We will not spare you!
Surrender your clan!


As always, have a great day and PEACE



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Great work, PK!
I love this.


Thanks @simplymike:) I love the fact that you enjoyed it. Now it's up to you to make it happen :P No pressure lol.



I love thiiisss 😍 woohooo... can I copy and paste it to our description guild?

Yaaayyy @palikari123... sleep more 😂😂


Ty @cicisaja! Of course you can use it:) If it's too long and it doesn't fit, then we can work out a shorter version for it 😉. Yep it's time to go back to sleep 😴

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It is too long.. I tried to axe the first and the last 2 line.. it doesn't looks nice ...
Make it 500 words 😉 whooaa... I really like it 😉

Wow @palikari123! That is absolutely amazing! I didn't know you were a poet, but that is professional work there! AWESOME!!!


Thanks Dave:) I was never into rhyming or poetry until I started blogging here (neither was I into any type of writing). I really fell into it by accident in my early days here when I entered this contest. Well actually it was a rap song, but close enough...I was lucky enough to win first place at the time, which helped me get started around here (which was never part of the plan lol). It gave me the initial inspiration and confidence to blog in general. It's amazing what can happen when you have a genuine interest in a topic, and that's what it was really all about. If it wasn't for @v4vapid (summoning you was unavoidable in this case), I probably would never have even attempted to write a rthyme/rap - let alone blog about anything in general, so it's really thanks to him and his amazing support on here, that I'm even blogging in the first place. I absolutely love his work and everything he does around here, and I can't thank him enough, for making the experience at least somewhat more enjoyable...Having a common Interest really helps;)

Also, maybe the fact that I'm named after a real life poet has something to do with it? Who knows, maybe it was just fate:)

Thanks again!