20 months later... CHAMPION!!!

3년 전

August 2018. That's when I joined what was known as Steemmonsters. I had followed the game since before it was launched, but only then did I gathered enough steem to get that starter pack. And blockchain wise, it was the best thing I did! I found a very fun and addictive game, a cool lore, and a great community!

And slowly, I started building my pack. Joined the first kickstarter, then the second. And steadily went up the ranks. My deck is gold-ish level: my alpha summoners are at level 6, and Daria is the only summoner I have maxxed. Even so, I find myseld finishing in the Diamond league pretty steadily. Such that in the last two seasons, I even made it to Diamond I. But this league... oh, in this league I was sooo close.


Close to what? Champion league! Where the big boys play! After a 6 win streak I was only 3 - THREE lousy points from reaching Champion league for the first time ever. Then that defeat, and I thought "there I go, down again...". But I kept pushing, and after a couple more battles...



I finally did it!!!! And it was a great feeling! This shows that improving your deck steadily does compensate! Now, it could have been plain luck. Or less people playing the game. Or some skill. Or maybe... a little bit of the three combined! I was even able to win a Champion league game!


Will I ever reach it again? Who knows! One thing is certain, thow: I don't see myself stopping to play the game anytime soon. It's fun, the community (especially the guildmates!) are awesome, and you can actually get some revenue while having fun, being in the form of DEC, or if you're lucky enough to get a valuable card.

Having posted my joy of reaching Champion, today is back to the reality of lower leagues. See you on the battlefield!


Still haven't joined Steemmonsters? In what planet do you live in? Click the banner below and join the fun! (It has my referral link; you can go directly to the website if you don't want to use it; either way... join in! 😎 )

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Congratulations, mate. If you can hit Champ each season, you reset to diamond and don't have to adjust to capped cards, in gold. If I don't hit Champ, then reset to gold, it takes days to adjust to all the missing abilities.


I don't have that many capped cards. Fallen to diamond, but getting my ass handed to me most of the time now 😄

Wow! Congrats! :D
I still have to get to Diamond I first :)


Thanks! You'll see you'll get there, just keep improving those cards! 😉


I am, I am :D

Congratulations my friend! Keep strong 💪💪


Thank you! 😎💪