Splinterlands - R.O.I. project Week 2 results

2년 전

Two weeks ago in this project, and loving the results so far! Well, this was probably a special week, as you will see below. Nevertheless... this is what can happen when you play the game! You can check the first post here for the details, but my ideia is to answer a simple question:

How profitable is Splinterlands?

Of course the answer will vary a lot, depending among other factors, how much have you invested in play time and money. Nevertheless, I've explained my starting point in that first post:

How much have I invested up to this point?

I participated on the two kickstarters, although with a small amount, and invested a little more in packs. The total sum can be rounded to 250$, with a small error margin. So this will be my reference, while calculating the ROI.

How good is my deck?

Since I started playing in the Alpha stage, a good part of my cards are alpha. Most of the time I play on diamond league, although my deck is far from being maxed.

  • All my rare summoners are level 6, alpha edition
  • Only one maxed summoner, Daria
  • A few maxed cards, most of them reward ones

I have the advantage of the DEC bonus of the alphas, and the DEC bonus from my guild (gogo #roaringtwenties!!)

Conclusions from the second week!

I've maintained more or less the same playtime during these days. One thing different from first week, thow: season rewards! Which means more chances on getting something valuable. So, for this week:

Total battles: 210 / 106 wins = 50.48% win ratio

  • DEC won in the second week (battles + daily quest rewards + season rewards): 6563

  • Value obtained from reward cards (since the value can change daily, I've used the value the cards had at the day they were won): 2,399 USD / 3527 DEC (cards burn value)

A good boost from value obtained from reward cards, as it would be expected. Now, apart from the season rewards, another thing happened this week:


I've gained three orbs in the daily rewards. Two of them had nothing special; but one of them...


One of them dropped my second EVER gold foil legendary card!!

And this is yet another beauty of the game: as if it weren't already profitable and fun to play... in a lucky drop your ROI goes up the roof!

So, how does it translate in terms of ROI?

Initial investment: 250 USD

Using Splinterlands exchange rate, 1000 DEC = 1 usd:

6563 DEC won = 6,56 USD
Cards value burn rate = 3527 DEC = 3.53 USD

ORBS market price: 108.9 USD

Total = 10.09 + 108.9 = 118.99 USD

Weekly ROI: 47,60%

Total ROI: 50.97%

As I've stated in the first week,

Given the daily price variability of the value of cards and DEC in the markets, I've opted to do the math with the fixed Splinterlands DEC exchange rate, and using the cards DEC burn value as well. This will allow me to make a better comparison between the weeks I'll be keeping this going.

So there you go: one lucky drop, and ROI up the roof!!! I'll probably make a comparison in the end with and without this outlier, since this is a rare event; but the fact is, it does happen! And the more you play, the more probable it gets! So instead of increasing my ROI by 3-5%, given last week's results... it's already past 50%. I wonder what will I see in the next two weeks? 😉

Already added my winning rate for the week. Any thoughts on these numbers? Do you remember anything else I should add to get a more accurate ROI value? Comment away!

See you on the battlefield!


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