FREE 50/50 DRAW: 50% Of The Liquid Rewards From This Post Belongs To YOU !

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50/50 Draw


Everyone seems to be enjoying these FREE 50/50 Draws so why not keep them rolling .....

With all the new Steem Blockchain interfaces there is more ways then ever to earn on this wonderful blockchain. We have endless sites to post from and tags we can use.

For this post I will be posting from and tagging BATTLE, SPT, PALNET,Steemace and Neoxian which means my post will earn Steem/SBD/SPT/BATTLE/Neoxian/GG And Pal. ....... 50% of these liquid coins/tokens can be yours. Yes you read right, I'm giving away 50% of this post liquid earnings to one lucky person.

How To Enter ?

  • Everyone who comments gets a FREE raffle ticket
  • Upvote for a second raffle ticket
  • Resteem for a third raffle ticket


Be Prepared: Get Beta Packs Before They're GONE

Rules & How I Pick A Winner

Rules suck so we don't have any. Ok, maybe just one .... you have to let me know if you upvoted / resteemed in a comment or you may not get credit for doing those actions. The order of your comments will determine your raffle ticket(s) number. I will use a random number generator on the *7th day of this topics creation to draw a winner.

A short description of the new Steem interfaces : was created by those behind the madness that is Steem-Monsters (rebranded to SplinterLands) and is mainly for discussing anything related to the Steem-Monsters game. You earn SPT while posting and curating from its interface. : is for all things gamer related. You earn BATTLE tokens for content creating and curating on the BATTLE site. These BATTLE tokens already have a use case as they are needed to enter the Steem-Monster tournaments that are hosted by @battlegames. There is also a monthly end draw with some cool prizes in it for those who stake battle. : was created by the community Peace, Abundance & Liberty (PAL). Content creation on this site earn PAL tokens and like the others you can earn via curation as well. They have a rather large and active discord so support is easy to find if you have any question about the PAL token or its site. is a gaming interface similar to where you can post all your gaming content. Its a great tag to use along side the battle tag to earn some extra rewards. I just started using this tag but it looks like they allow all sorts of content to be posted on the site. This tribe might be a good one to take a closer look at as the neoxian tag can likely be used on the majority of your content. Which means more rewards for your hard work.

Last Weeks Raffle winner was @shaidon.

Congrats your rewards will be sent to you before days end.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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upvoted - thanks for supporting the community with so many coins!

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Upvote and resteemed

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It's a good thing I came on to distract myself from writing :-)

I upvoted, replied and now I will re-steem.

Upvoted. I AM IN

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Awesome! Thanks for the easy way to enter😍

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another free money,yeeey,resteemed

Thank you for this!! 😍 😍

Upvoted, resteemed and of course commented!

Nice one, upvoted and here have a !BEER

Upvoted, Commented and Resteemed :)

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Upvoted and Resteemed for added exposure. Good luck!


Excellent, thanks !

WOOOOOO can't argue with free!! Count me in :D


Free is the best price.

That's again, very nice of you :)
So I upvoted and resteemed this post .. now fingers crossed :)


Excellent, good luck :)

I'll test my luck with this comment and an upvote ;)

Upvote and comment. Thanks for the chance. :)

I'm here for 3 tickets:-)

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Thank you for the great opportunity

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Upvoted, commented, and resteemed!

Thank you, kindly!

resteemed and upvoted 😊

Upvoted and . . . obviously commented.

Upvote and resteemed. Thanks

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Upvoted and Resteemed .
There are so many tribes / communities on Steem now . You just need to join one that relates to your content and start engaging with the community.

Thanks for posting,
Have an awesome day!


Very true, everyone should be using the tribe tags with their relevant content.

Upvoted, resteemed and commented! Keep up the good work!

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Interesting contest/draw you've come up with. Upvoted.

Ooh very fun game! I'm excited to participate :) upvoted

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well people would like it because they have a chance to make money

Upvoted and resteemed.

Count me in. Upvoted

upvoted & resteemed ;)

@rentmoney, Good one, sharing and boosting engagement is very gracious and effective step. Keep up.

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I upvoted, resteemed and now going post my next one in the platform that you hard mentioned.
Wishing good luck for myself for the reffle hehe..(Kidding)

Great raffle - multi-token.

Upvoted! =)

Hi, @rentmoney
upvoted and resteemed this post.
I love the contest.
Stay Great!

Hello! Count me in! Thanks!