Free SM Gold Promo Summoner: Free Steem-Related Prizes Round 16

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Free Steem Related Prizes

It's time to start round 16 of our free giveaways for those who signed up to Steem-Monsters using my link. To read the rules on how to get on each tier visit the original topic in which can be found by clicking ---> Free Rewards For Those Who Signed Up To Steem-Monsters Using My Link !. The rewards I give out and how frequent these pop up giveaways take place is dependent on my success of signing up new players.

If you have already signed up to Steem-Monsters but would like to participate in these giveaways then I have some good news. I have decided to create a third tier of potential winners. The third tier will include those who have signed up to SteemKnights using my link ( SteemKnights is the first ever 3D game to be built on the Steem Blockchain and it launches in Beta mode in just 4 days.

Tier 2Tier 1
Tier 3Tier 3
Click the provided link and join SteemKnights to be included in Tier 3

Our 16th Round Of Prizes for Tier 1/2 and 3

Round 16 will be a raffle for a Steem-Monsters Gold Foil Promo Summoner. Everyone who has their name appear in tier 1 gets two raffle tickets. Everyone who has their name appear in Tier 2 and/or Tier 3 gets one raffle ticket.

Its possible to have your name in tier 3 + one other tier. This means its possible for a max of three Raffle tickets per Steemian. You must comment below to claim your raffle ticket(s). Raffle ticket numbers are based on the timing of your comment.

Bonus Giveaway For Everyone

A Promo Summoner (Splinterlands/Steemmonster card) will be given out to one random person who comments below.

Disclaimer :
If you would like to join RD 17 of our Steem Related Prize giveaways simply sign up to steemmonsters using this link ---> (Sign into the site using your Steem Details) or sign up to SteemKnights using this link--->( and you will be added to tier 1, tier two or tier three of our next prize giveaway post. If you feel as I never placed you in the right tier please say so in the comment section and I will double check and correct accordingly (End Date: Post Payout).

What is Steem-Monsters/Splinterlands ?

Steem-Monsters/Splinterlands is a digital card game created by @aggroed and @yabapmatt. Early game release has launched and prizes are already up for grabs. Some of the cards in this game have already sold for upwards of $3000. Tournaments play is underway and thousand of dollars of Steem has already been given out for FREE. If you haven't checked out Steem-Monsters yet, do so by clicking here. You can sign into the official site using your Steem details.

@wonderwop is our round 15 winner and has won 100 BATTLE Tokens, 100 SPT Tokens and 2500 TROLL TOKENS

@lebastion won Round 15s Promo Summoner

***Both your prizes will be sent within 24 Hours!

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Thanks for the upvote!


Thanks, I'll be adding the names of those who signed up to SteemKnights using my link to Tier 3 tomorrow, Good luck in the draw !

Well... I don't qualify for much of anything since I just logged into SM and made my own account, with nobody's referral.

But I can comment and cheer everyone else on who does qualify!


Joining SteemKnights using this link ( will get you on the tier 3 list. Its the first ever 3D Steem Blockchain game and launches in Beta mode in 4 days.


followed the link and signed into SK. hope that got ya the credit for my "sign-up" :-)


It should have, they don't display sign ups yet.

Good luck in the draw :)

I just sent you a few of the Steemmonsters reward cards you were missing in your collection :)


awwwwe TY! they will go to good use as I'm still working through the Bronze rankings. :-)

I'm not elements eligible I guess. Here is a !BEER for you.
I haven't been receiving beer in my SE account. Don't know what's wrong.


Sign up to SteemKnights using this link ( for a raffle ticket to win the Gold Promo Summoner. Its going to be the first ever 3d Blockchain game and seems to be getting some buzz around it.

If not that is ok to as you will be entered in the draw for the non gold version regardless :)

Yeah, !BEER seems to only work sometimes. I have no clue whats wrong with it either. Maybe it got into its own supply and is either drunk or hungover.

Random comment for the additional giveaway ☕


Awesome, good luck in the draw.

Have you considered signing up to SteemKnights ? Its going to be the first ever 3d Blockchain game and seems to be getting some buzz around it.


Give me a mention if start allowing people to set referrers after having signed up 👍. I found out about it a few days ago and signed up without a referer.

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@steemknights is active in steemknights topics so hopefully they see your inquiry and let us know if its possible to get tagged to someone after signing up.


Good news @kiokizz,

If you didn't sign up via someone else all you need to do to get linked to me is click my link and sign into the game and it should link you. If you decide to give it a try please let me know if it worked or not. The game displays who referred you in your profile section (click your icon on top of the screen).

A quote from @steemknights

Hi @rentmoney,

as long as they weren't referred by anybody else yet it's of course possible!

They just need to sign in again with your link.
Players also have the possibility to directly set an referral ingame once the game launches.

But once they have one set it isn't possible to change afterwards.

For Steem we fight!


Perfect, Good luck in the draws and with the game !

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I see I forgot to add sct-en, I will have to be more careful next time.

Editing in tags doesn't work on tribe sites, if it did I would do it.

Hanging on in tier 3


Good luck in the draw !


You entries have been noted.

Good luck in the draw!

A Promo Summoner (Splinterlands/Steemmonster card) will be given out to one random person who comments below.

I like this.


Entry noted :)

Have you checked out SteemKnights ( yet? They have a mobile version ready and will be the first 3D steem blockchain game. 20% in game bonus for signing up using a referral link.


I already sign up.


Nice, good luck with the game.


Good luck in the draw :)