My first legendary gold foil card - Spirit Miner

2년 전

I am so excited for this excellent and great reward in my daily quest, my first legendary gold foil card - a Spirit Miner card.


Card Statistics

The interesting thing about this card is that it is a neutral card, in addition to having a magic attack, ideal to use with a summoner that increases its attack power, such as the Water summoner Alric Stormbringer, Valnamor, Delwyn Dragonscale or Archmage Arius.


Spirit Miner

One brave Dwarf Miner dug too deep many years ago into the Underworld of Mortis, seeking great treasure from the Realm of Dreams. He stumbled upon an ancient, brooding evil called the Black Drake of Malaby and a great duel ensued. Although the Dwarf was skilled in the warring ways, he was no match for the power of the sinister Drake. He was cornered and targeted by Malaby’s most powerful spell, Flesh Assumption. The body of the Dwarf vanished, and all that remained was a silver, ethereal spirit cloud. Before the Assumption spell could be completed, the Dwarf escaped from the monster’s clutches. The Spirit Miner now wanders the Splinterlands unencumbered by Dwarfly flesh, practicing the powerful magic that he learned from the fateful duel with the Underworld Drake. He is not alive, nor is he dead. He is the Spirit Miner.

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I think this initiative is excellent.

Congratulations on the GOLD Legendary. They are great Cards to get @smdragon


Thank you ... And yeah, this card is an excellent reward.