My First Tourney Quest😇

2개월 전

Hellow Fellows😉

I forgot that I haven't done my daily quest for 2 days before, so after completing my daily quest at the kitchen, I login to check the yesterday's dq. 🕐 ooopppss... Proving Ground!
I checked on the events right away to find any tourney which I can enter and win at least 1 battle😁


with an intention of winning one battle to complete a dq, it turn out to win 2 and moves to the next round

I don't really enjoy tourneys because my slow internet connection snd today's also the sun ring eclyp day. The eclyp's happened... the internet connection is getting bad😊 but lucky me that I didn't have to flee from the tourney.


Opening the rewards while waiting for the next round😀

On the 2nd round, I just play like I used to..I just want to get out of the tourney fairly without fleeing. And..wooppss I made it to the 3rd round 😂. Okay.. that's enough! It's been 30 minutes from the first battle on tourney😆 I still have another daily quests to complete.


perfect opponent! I am out finally!

My final result is 4-3 😅 the best record on my first tourney😊. What Will I get from joining the tourney? I don't know😆 because I already claimed my rewards on Gold 2, 7 cards are enough for today.

I like proving ground quest😊 as long as the quest not shows up during the weekend😀 because there are no bronze and silver tourneys in the weekend, with my silver will be hard to win anything, even a battle.
It would be different for you who love to join the tourneys because you enjoy it.
I experienced a tourney because of the daily quest😁 and that's cool!

Aahh.. the tourney I was joining giving 5k SPT as prize for the champion, and most of the participants are TOP PLAYERS on the Leaderboard too. Even though it's a silver tourney, but everyone with silver deck can join, even with a delegated deck. Good cards is the key, but experience is important😃.

Enjoy your day on the splintersland everyone👐💖💪💖👐

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