Wandering around the battlefield today

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few battles before completing the quest

Hi Everyone ๐Ÿ™‹

I hope that you still have fun playing the game like I do, especially when you are working on it. Well, some of my teammates are considering that playing is working, while for me it's just wandering and playing for fun.

I don't really enjoy answering to Lyana's call on any leagues, novice to diamond and I dunno why. Maybe because I get used to play with Tyrus and his gank since the first day with this deck.


I still keep my silliness with me, lol. Though I know who my opponent and what kinda team he will send to the battlefield

Since winning or losing is nothing to worry about, it just waste your ECR and I never had it too low just to complete a daily quest. Too lazy to change the quest because I missed out the exact time to starts, I just form the random and classic team up as usual. It's easy when you have a silver deck and playing on silver league. But it will need some strategy when you are on gold league.


I seldom wins against the death team before, but I was lucky

I really hope that I won't have to answer Lyana's call anymore, even though I have a nice green team, better than my fire and death team, but I really have no idea what's the better team to use on each rulesets with the green army ๐Ÿ˜ silly me


it just weird, this werewolf is useless on level 4 ๐Ÿ˜… too slow and weakens ability not really working while you face the death team

Still.. there are 12 days to go on this Season, maybe I should try to play him more often to understand his role in the team. Anyway, with so many new Monsters and abilities which I don't have, yet, learning how to use the available monsters is not a bad idea to keep have fun.


my cat knews how to enjoy his time while I'm busy playing the game

There are so many things to explore on Splintersland, you'd better comes up with some plans, set up your goal and go for it!
My only goal is having fun, so I never really put attention on what cards I need and how to get it instantly. I know how to wait till the right monsters find me.

have a nice weekend and enjoy your battles

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