Steemmonsters or MonsterHive ?


One that makes Steem so interesting, in addition to the payout model with a seven day schedule of our posts is the existence of SteemMonsters, or better known as Splinterlands.

In Splinterlands it's not only hobby and fun, but also opportunity or even fortune. But the question is, how is the continuation with Steem when later Splinterlands is not connected and does not accommodate the system at Steem. I think a lot of fans will speculate that in the future Splinterlands will be more inclined to Hive or remain in Steem. Of course, perhaps many friends who already have their own guesses see many factors. Whatever it is, playing in Splinterlands has given birth to its own preoccupations.
But, when Splinterlands is more inclined to Hive what about Steemmonsters? will it be possible to transform into MonsterHive with logos like Monsters, Inc. Movie?

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